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still more from bob haefner

Scott County Chronicle Obituary Index (1880-1949)Obituary and Death Notice Index to THE CHRONICLEhttp://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~tashpage/
Combined index (1880-1959)Maiden name index (1880-1959)

GRIFFITH;Maria;J.;Mrs. Lloyd; BOVARD;62y;3/9/1911;4;2;Moline, Illinois;;

BOVARD;;;Mrs. James;;70y;4/6/1899;;;Alpha neighborhood;;See "Looking Backwards" of 12/28/1944, Page 4 Column 1

BOVARD;A.;C.;;;;8/30/1922;6;2;St. Joseph, Missouri;;

BOVARD;Everett;W.;Mr.;;67y;4/26/1956;3;2;Rye, New York;;

BOVARD;Glenn;;Mrs. S. G.;BOYD;86y;6/28/1956;1;3;Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana;Dupont Cemetery, Jefferson County, Indiana;See also Page 8 Column 3

BOVARD;James;;;;;10/24/1889;3;3;Alpha neighborhood;Wesley Chapel;See also 12/5/1889, Page 3 Column 2

BOVARD;Melville;Y.;;;;3/17/1938;1;6;New York;;

BOVARD;Morton;E.;;;;10/25/1945;1;2;Abingdon, Illinois;;

BOVARD;S.;Grant;Mr.;;75y;2/1/1940;1;2;Dupont, Jefferson County, Indiana;Dupont ?, Jefferson County, Indiana;

BOVARD;William;S.;Dr.;;;9/30/1936;1;3;Sierra Madre, California;;

Was that your John Hord who fell off the roof? No I feel it as young son of Old Ambrose see below---Ida Byfield of this group did marry a Hord in my Line ... all the other "HOARD" seem to be of Olds Ambose Hoard ,born Tenn Line wife Catherine born Ohio----1850 Census shows a 6 year old John Hoard as a son of "Old " Ambrose and Catherine1859 April 22,, FRIDAY, APRIL 22, l859 Very cool, still raining. Surely the sheep will all die. James works at the room then hunts the sheep and pens them. Isaac comes and says John Hoard was killed today at ten o'clock by falling off the old stable. We felt sad to think of it. Gloomy day.(He would have been about 15)(next door neighbor 1850 to Ambrose was Isaac Mayfield wife Eve Isaac is listed as a "Miller" Re: "Mayfield Mill ",apparently widowed (after 1853-and before 1860 ) by 1860 Census still a "Miller", name in some Census Index as Issa )1860 Census no John Hoard

John Phillips wrote:> It was Brannock Phillips' brother William who was an> editor of the Western Christian Advocate. In 1837 the> Methodist Church put out a book of his writings under> the title "Campbellism Exposed: the Peculiar Tenets of> Alexander Campbell." . . . Was that your John Hord who> fell off the roof? Was he the one married to one of Brannock's sisters?

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