Sunday, October 28, 2007

bovard diary

Your comments and corrections are sought. Please post them in the appropriate space at the end of the diary. Please denote the date you're referencing in the diary, your comments and, if applicable, your source. Please sign your name and e-mail address in case there are further questions.

From Sue Kruse:
The typed diary I received many years ago was transcribed by, I
believe, Marie Bovard Hubbard. (She wasn't anyone I knew, but believe her name
was in the diary. At some point, I typed footnotes, added family history
charts, maps, and sent copies to family members. It looks like the
same version as you have.

Then Sandy Zarella sent me copies that I sent you of Sarah's original
handwritten diary (only 2 pages of it!) and it's obvious from those
pages that Marie, or whomever transcribed it first, didn't include all the
entries. Too bad.

Random notes: Abner's birthday was Oct. 13
I need to post maps.

Bob Haefner found a recipe for Potato Crulls in a Chicago publication of 1883: Pare good, smooth potatoes raw. Cut them into thick slices, as many as there will be plates of fish. Cut out the centers with an apple corer, making rings. Take a small penknife and begin inside and cut the slice all around into a coil or string as thin as may be without breaking through till the knife comes out at the outer edge. Fry the crulls in hot lard, light colored. Drain, and sprinkle with fine salt.

Well, they must have been like "crulers" in my dictionary--twisted sweet cakes. JP

That lunch of crulls, cornbread,sausage and "sause" gave them high energy and warmth... souse meat / head cheese "SOUSE MEAT: Cook hog head and ears well done, pull meat off bones, "--Lordy I just remembered cold C Ration sausage patties, where you scraped the grease off the top. Well the body did burn it up if you could get it down. Bob

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