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Margy died in 1891, about four years after her husband. She was about 55. (From Ardath Blue)

I can't remember where I read about Margy's death, but I think in a newspaper archive. I don't believe I have a copy of it, tho, so probably found the item pre-internet days - at the library where I didn't make a copy of every item. As I recall, Margy was hit on the head with a rock by a "deranged" relative in the barnyard of her home. I tried to find out who did it but no luck. But I believe her mother-in-law ended up in a mental institute, so perhaps it was she who did the deed. I don't think I've been in touch with any of Margy's Peacock descendants. (From Sue)

I notice you mentioned Barbara Earhart in your notes about the Bovard diary. Nancy Dostal and I were wondering who she was and I think I have tracked her down. I checked the 1870 Alpha, Scott Co. census and there was a John Earhart with wife named Barbara. John was 35 and Barbara 30. They were living next door to Ambrose Hoard. Ambrose had a daughter, Barbara, born 1839, so it appears Barbara Earhart was his daughter. Ambrose was married to Catherine Landon. Catherine was the daughter of William Landon and Barbara Waldsmith and Barbara was the Aunt of Jane Waldsmith Young, the mother of Sarah Bovard. In the diary Sarah sometimes mentioned the Hoard's.

Tight knit little community with all the related families and intermarriages. John W. Earhart was the son of George W. Earhart who was married to Elizabeth Whitsett. Elizabeth was the niece of Nancy Jane Whitsett who married Newton Elsbury Phillips after his first wife died. His first wife was Hannah Jane Foster, d/o Robert Foster and Catherine Waldsmith, aunt of Sarah Bovard. Gets complicated doesn't it? (From Ardath)

Sandy Zarella apparently had the original diary. After hearing that Sandy Zarella died, I wrote to her husband, asking him who the diary would be entrusted to, but I never did hear back. Maybe someday we will learn what became of it.

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