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Bob Haefner provided the following after spotting it on the Internet:

The work on this page looks pretty good ID: I6399#

Name: Sarah Waldsmith YOUNG# Given Name: Sarah Waldsmith# Surname: YOUNG# Sex: F# Birth: 21 Feb 1828 in , Hamilton Co., Ohio, USA# Death: Oct 1888 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA# _UID: 1127FDE411E94A05821BBF7688A4E9D720ED# Change Date: 29 Jun 2002 at 14:42

Father: Abner YOUNG b: 10 Nov 1799 in Lincolnville, Waldo Co., Maine, USAMother: Jane WALDSMITH b: 25 Nov 1806 in , Hamilton Co., Ohio, USAMarriage 1 James W BOVARD b: 23 Mar 1823 in Steubenville, Tuscarora Co., Ohio, USA * Married: 29 Feb 1844 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA 1 * Change Date: 29 Jun 2002


Oliver William BOVARD b: 9 Feb 1845 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Marion Mckinley BOVARD b: 11 Jan 1847 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Maria Jane BOVARD b: 4 Feb 1849 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Freeman Daily BOVARD b: 9 Jan 1851 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Melville Young BOVARD b: 6 Dec 1852 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Abner Sinclair BOVARD b: 13 Oct 1854 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

George Finley BOVARD b: 8 Aug 1856 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

James Carvossa BOVARD b: 20 Jul 1858 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Charles Lincoln BOVARD b: 10 Oct 1860 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Morton Ellsworth BOVARD b: 10 Jul 1862 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

William Sherman BOVARD b: 29 Aug 1864 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Ulysses Simpson Grant BOVARD b: 19 Sep 1866 in Alpha, Scott Co., Indiana, USA

Sources: 1. Abbrev: Indiana Marriages to 1850 Title: Indiana Marriages to 1850 Author: Dodd, Jordan Publication: Provo, UT:, 1997. Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Indiana. Page: James Bovard and Sarah Young

Eastern Illinois University Lesson plan
The term "Copperhead" was coined by Republicans during the Civil War to characterize out-spoken Democrats that opposed Lincoln's Administration. As a derogatory term, it compared Peace Democrats to the deadly copperhead snake. Charles H. Coleman discovered that the term "Copperhead" first appeared in the New York Tribune on July 20, 1861, and from that point on it became synonymous with Peace Democrats.

Peace Democrats were also referred to as "Butternuts" by Republicans of that time - although the term was not used as much as "Copperhead." According to Richard Orr Curry, the term "Butternut" was coined by "Black Republicans" during the Civil War. It was a reference to the illiterate, poverty stricken farmers of southern origin, who inhabited the southern portions of midwestern states and who predominantly supported the Democratic Party. They often wore home-made clothing that was dyed brown from the use of butternuts as dye - hence the use of the term "Butternut."

A Democratic editor in Ohio during the Civil War defended the backwoodsmen by writing, "it used to be the 'barefeet' Democracy in Jackson's time - then it was the 'pokeberry' Democracy, and now it is the 'butternut' Democracy - and they all, as used, mean the same thing - a contempt for those who earn their bread by honest toil." Eventually, the epithet became a mark of distinction to Democrats and they used the butternut as a symbol "of the indissoluble nature of the Union."

Here's a bit of fun trivia for you."feel as well as common" "Common" was used in place of "usual".. Still in use somewhat in Missouri/Arkansas Ozarks.

"Black Flour" in this case Rye flour.... Not itself " Rye is a grass related to barley and wheat. Its beginnings are uncertain but it probably originated in and around modern day Turkey. By the Middle Ages it was widely cultivated in Europe. Rye is used to make breads, alcoholic beverages such as rye whisky, and for animal fodder. Because rye flour is low in protein it produces inadequate gluten and therefore does not rise well. Thus, it is often mixed with traditional wheat flour to boost its protein content. Rye flour is also heavier and darker and subsequently produces darker and denser loaves. Pumpernickel is a popular sourdough bread from Germany made from rye flour."

"Ergot poisoning is possible under the right conditions with rye" (Salem witchcraft theory, delusions, cramps a deadly LSD trip in some cases. ) I still do not understand "Camelit meeting" was this in script?

I think it was a corruption of "Campbellite."

Byfield surnames The sister ofAlbert, Charley,Lewis and Mariah(Maria)was Ida Byfield (1831-1852)that married Wesley Hord 11 June 1848 Scott County, IN Bk 3 page 8Ida'a sister Maria married 1-Christian Youngmarried 2- James Bovard (widower of Sarah Young Bovard, Christian's sister) on June 6, 1889 (he died in October 1889)The above Byfield were children of George Washington Byfield and Madelene Simonson

Wesley Hord was the son of John Hord and Rebecca Baxter,John Hord married second, Dolly Phillips 6 feb 1842 widow of Samuel Whitsett. Most of the other "Hoard" mentioned wer descendants of (Old Ambrose and Catherine) They did spell the name as Hoard in Indiana and Tennessee...They are not close kin to my John Hord line, but they all are descendants of the first John Hord in Virginia." from the web" Byfield married David Tobias (date unknown) after the death of 1st husband Christian Young. She married James Bovard (widower of Sarah Young Bovard, Christian's sister) on 6 June 1889 (from marriage license and certificate signed by Charles A. Manker). He died 19 Oct 1889. (Note from JPhillips: Identity of Dolly Phillips remains a mystery. Can anyone help?)

Maria's will was probated 29 May 1899. She received a widow's pension for James Bovard and was last paid $8.00 up to 4 Feb. 1899 (certificate #277706) and was dropped 3 Jan 1903 because of failure to claim for three years. (Bovard and Extended Families Newsletter, Dec 1995, compiled by Sandy Zarella). (copy of will in possession).

Sarah noted that Feb. 11 was the last day of school in 1860 and Feb. 9 the last day in 1861.

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