Wednesday, January 3, 2007

from bob haefner

You mentioned that Sarah and James moved

Other than the 1880s plat map you you have sent.... do you know the
location of the first home???
I suspect it was on the same property.... ( and can make the comments
her diary fit it it) do you have another thought on this...?

I did confirm to my satisfaction that the Franklin neighborhood
(Franklin School House) and the Alpha neighborhood
are the same.. (The Alpha Baptist Church came later...after Sarah

The Franklin School house was within the SE quarter of Section 3 4N 7E,

(ifavor the property once owned byGeorge Knight Hester and Renee is
wife. The 40A at SWSE 40 acres section 3 T4N R7E adjacent to
Ambrose Hoard...almost at the 4 corners of sections 3and 2 over 10 and
11 )

The Gilead Neighborhood is harder to pin down... but may be the
Franklin Alpha neighborhood several options..

In SE quarter of Section 11 on the map you sent. Just below the Maria
Young 80 Acres

Mt Gilead Ln, Deputy, IN 47230

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